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Follow 5 Simple Steps to Reuse Your Candle Glass!

Candle Jar

Several items may provide pleasure, but when it comes to your house, it’s difficult to find a cosier object than a candle. Many candle enthusiasts are unaware of the potential their beloved waxy accents have post-burn, even though they’re often lauded for the ambience, aroma, and illumination they offer to a space. When your candle is nearing the end of its useful life, there are several ways for giving it a second chance. An old candle jar might serve as a fresh planter or a catch-all in your bathroom. But before that, you’ll need to figure out how to clean them properly. So have a look below and remember to reuse your candle glass by doing the following.

What is the best way to clean candle jars?

  • Peeling away the label:

If the jar contains a label, removal is straightforward. Use mineral oil and hot soapy water to help loosen the adhesive and scrape it off, or set it under a heated hair drier for 30 seconds to a minute, then pull it off. The biodegradable labels are made using low-adhesive glues that make them easy to remove. With some hot, soapy water, any leftover residue will be removed. A sticky petroleum-based adhesive will very certainly be required for any other candle. Goo gone or rubbing alcohol are the finest ways to dissolve the stickier glues.

  • The method of freezing:

One of the simplest methods to obtain every last drop of wax from a glass jar is to use this method. Freeze the candle for at least an hour before carefully peeling away the remaining layer of wax with a butter knife or spoon. If it still won’t come out, gently fracture it and let the pieces fall out. Remove the wick and its container by softly pulling it with your fingers once you’ve gotten the most of the wax out. A pair of pliers will work wonders if it’s stubborn.

  • Carefully crack the wax:

Using a dull knife, apply pressure on the wax’s edge. Instead of cutting into the wax, you want it to pop out as a puck or split into smaller pieces. Eliminate the pucks or wax pieces by gently tapping them onto a tissue and tossing them in the garbage.

  • Wipeout what’s left:

You want to remove any leftover residue to avoid them going down the drain if there is any. The residual wax can be dissolved using a piece of tissue paper soaked in baby oil or vegetable oil. Wipe the glass clean from top to bottom. Note: Using water alone will only spread any residual wax rather than really removing it, as wax and water do not mix well.

  • Wash the candle glass:
Candle glass

After you’ve removed the majority of the wax, clean the glass in the dishwasher or the sink like you would any other dish. To guarantee that all leftover residue is emulsified while washing by hand, professionals suggest scrubbing repeatedly with soapy water and once with clean water before drying.

Repurposing Candle Jars

There are no DIY skills required for any of these repurposing ideas, which only require your recently cleaned out candle jar.

  • Put some flowers in there:
Flowers in candle jar

One of the simplest ways to recycle a larger candle jar is to convert it into a vase. Fill it with water and, depending on the size of your jar, trim the flowers short. If you don’t want your candle label to destroy the flowery aesthetic, try removing it with hot soapy water, but if it’s particularly tenacious, attempt the previously suggested approach on the leftover residue.

  • Enhance your home’s ambience:

Place a couple of empty candle jars in your window with a few coiled rolls of fairy lights inside. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner for two indoors or hosting a family movie night on a Saturday night, it’ll offer immediate ambience.

  • Make a desk caddy.

Empty candle jars transformed into office desk decorations will complete your work from home look. Larger containers should be used to keep taller objects like pens, pencils, and scissors, while smaller containers should be used to store erasers and paper clips.

  • Optimize your makeup cabinet:

Glass candle jars have a clean, basic appearance that will complement the style of your cosmetic items. Makeup brushes should be kept in bigger candle jars, while Q-tips, bobby pins, and cotton pads should be kept in smaller ones.

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